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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Beijing, Feb. 3 (xinhua) according to 'central news agency' reports, north of Melbourne a construction site. 3 in the afternoon, scaffolding collapse accident injuries caused by five workers, hospital. Reported that 13 PM local time 3, clay base area construction site and collapse occurred, emergency personnel arrived, for five of the injured in preliminary treatment, and quickly sent to hospital. The scene of the accident pictures showed, on one side of a building scaffolding large-area collapse occurred. The accident cause two workers seriously, one of the workers in their 20 s were taken to the royal Melbourne hospital, another 50 workers were taken to the Alfred hospital. Three other construction workers were also the injury is heavier, but in a stable condition, a 30 - year - old man at the royal Melbourne hospital and the other two twenties youth in the Alfred hospital for treatment. Police said the accident injured workers are not life threatening. In addition, Victoria labor security bureau received a report. According to the report, in April 2019, the Sydney Macquarie park a construction site similar scaffolding collapse accident, cause an 18-year-old apprentice workers were killed, another 39 workers seriously injured.
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