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Basic characteristics of aluminum alloy stage

by:Shizhan     2020-03-15
The aluminum alloy stage is made of aluminum alloy material. The aluminum alloy material has the characteristics of light material, high strength and no rust. Height, the application range is very wide, the universal type of stage panel is multi-layer plywood pasted red carpet. 1. The aluminum alloy stage and aluminum alloy glass stage are flexible and fast-installing stages, which are easy to disassemble, light and easy to store. More durable and more affordable. 2. Made of high-grade sandwich panel, it has the advantages of high strength, compression resistance, non-slip, waterproof and sun protection. 3. The professional 18mm thick sandwich board is used. Has excellent anti-slip performance: the surface layer is arranged by a certain colloidal particle to achieve anti-slip in the rain. 4. It is safe and stable, solemn and elegant, and naturally resists various harsh environments. 5. It is suitable for various indoor and outdoor fashion shows, celebrations, product launches, studios, various dances, and is currently the most popular and popular stage. 6.Fashionshow can be equipped with some spotlights, moving heads, lanterns, LED lights under or on the side of the stage. The color can be changed randomly and colorfully through the control of the dimmer.
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