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the different names of 'truss frame'

by:Shizhan     2020-05-12

What's the market demand behind a thing called differently? Like the truss rack, consumers are accustomed to call it the light rack; the truss rack is used to be called; the aluminum alloy light rack; and the industry professionals are also called the truss rack, why? truss frame truss frame aluminum plate frame specification parameters (note the name) This question was raised by the general manager of Jiangsu Shizhan Enterprise Morning Meeting. During this period, Manager Yang used the truss frame as an entry point, and briefly described why there was this problem. Consumers are accustomed to call the truss stand; the light stand is the market name formed by the usage habits, and the consumer's intention determines the behavior of the truss stand. Therefore, in the current truss rack market, most truss rack manufacturers are also called lighting racks. In contrast, truss rack manufacturers call truss racks aluminum alloy lighting racks for the purpose of market competition. In the case of unclear consumers 'intentions, aluminum alloy lighting stands and aluminum alloy lighting stands can attract consumers' attention to a certain extent. The name in the industry is to highlight its professionalism. Because stage lighting stands are not only built from truss stands, but also other products can be built. Simply put, under different usage requirements, consumers have different choices. Correct analysis of customer needs and targeted resolution of customer doubts are the necessary qualities of sales staff of truss rack manufacturers, just like knowing specifications and products. Therefore, the general manager puts forward this question, and hopes that the employees can think about it and do better customer service!                                

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