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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Where there is aluminum alloy scaffolding rental contact telephone: 18420150310 actually scaffolding industry is different from other industries, their respective scaffolding products, operating in a different way, so there is nothing comparable, not necessarily big profits is big, not small, no profit, in the case of scaffolding industry competition is so fierce, can survive the scaffold enterprises is very good. The scaffold, of course, now companies are also constantly differentiation, experiencing pain market selection and transformation and upgrading process. Beijing with its historical position and won numerous city circle development resources, scaffolding industry also accompanied by decades of rapid development of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. But in real estate, relieving the capital control functions under the action of various policy, Beijing real estate projects to historic lows, scaffolding companies also have their own cold winter; In this case, the scaffold industry change from Beijing to spread in the country. Plate buckles scaffolding products for leading the new die set integrated contracting mode, breaking the original single leasing mode, approved by construction enterprises, and become the country's newest scaffolding to promote products. Actually, scaffold enterprises over the years, Beijing has been struggling to find a way out, on the condition of low profit, if you want to survive, only the reform, the transformation and upgrading, most Beijing scaffolding companies see the trend of the development of the future, but not on the way of transformation to insist, because the transition look easy, but in fact is a new attempt. Broaden no early, no thinking, no capital reserve, no technical support strength, no job, transformation and upgrading is an armchair strategist, that's why Beijing scaffold enterprises many no transformation, can only wait and see, accept the baptism of market ruthless.
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