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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Job content hazard control measures according to the working ticket and a working ticket and permit license measures did not perform for confirm security performance is perfect, signed before start. Article 78 of the 'safety' to connect power and light person get an electric shock 1, wet hands are not allowed to work in the lead the power supply. 2, the power cord and insulation should be good lamps and lanterns and power tools, wire without damage phenomenon, at the same time using the leakage protector. 3, the power cord to overhead. 'Safety' article, 43, 44, temporary electricity open water wall manhole door safety management regulation, rinse water wall, according to the need to build scaffolding, scaffolding collapse 1, according to the erection of scaffolding of standards and experienced qualified before use. 2, scaffolding and firm, able to withstand the weight of the people and objects. 3, scaffolding materials meet the requirements, no bug eat by moth and mechanical damage 'safety' article 595, 594, scaffolding safety management regulations of 2, 1, staff should not have fall hinder high operation conditions, such as in case of mental disorder ban on homework. 2, the use of qualified safety belt, and belt to hang on the solid object above the waist. 3, at high altitude change job position, seat belt cannot remove or double rope belt 'safety' article 586, 585, 580, the branch of the work high above the provisions on the administration of 3, 1 fall injury, wear a good helmet and fasten likewise. 2, check whether there is any litter on the upper floor. 3, work here is fence, someone care 'safety' article 32, 583 overhaul water wall 1. Fall injury and damage to the equipment delivery object outward from the manhole door take steady, the tools used to put away, and use the tool bag 'safety' article 587 2. Person get an electric shock the welding in the hearth, insulating shoes to wear, wear insulating gloves. Welding wire insulation is good, should not have leakage phenomenon. Working location and the staff dress to keep dry. 'Safety' article 491, 485, 3 temporary electricity safety management regulations. Fire HuoHan, check the welding zone, should not have leakage phenomenon. HuoHan used to shut after good HuoHan to each valve. Article 486 of the 'safety' dismantling scaffolding, scaffolding collapse 1, dismantle scaffold, to a predetermined order, when the demolition of part, prevent lead to other part of the slope collapse. 2, should by an experienced person to serve as monitoring 2, article 651 of the 'safety' objects fall down under the pole plate should cooperate well with prison when passing, prevent fall, it is strictly prohibited to throw below 'safety' the 652th, branch overhead working regulations 3, falling in the process of demolition, always hang the safety belt and safety rope on solid objects. Middle need barbed, staff should stand carry on the 'safety' the 586th position, branch overhead working regulations manhole door sealing tools left in the equipment and staff should be counted, head of the personnel and tools, inspection, indeed no one or tools in the chamber of a stove or furnace can close the manhole door 'safety' the 248th, into the tank safety regulations
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