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Bowl buckles type steel pipe scaffold characteristics and adaptability Beijing aluminum telescopic folding scaffold Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus on the high

by:Shizhan     2020-08-24
Beijing aluminum telescopic folding scaffold contact phone number: 18420150310 bowl type steel pipe scaffold is a new kind of socket type steel pipe scaffold. According to the foreign advanced experience to develop a kind of multifunctional scaffold. Bowl buckles type steel pipe scaffold has the following characteristics: bowl type steel pipe scaffold 1, node, reasonable structure, large carrying capacity. Poling, beams and diagonal axis to point, node plane, the frame joint under bending, shear and torsion mechanics performance, the overall stability of frame structure, and the bearing capacity of the frame body than fastener type steel pipe scaffold has improved and improve. 2, the use of safe and reliable. Bowl of spiral joint friction and bar since gravity make joint has reliable self-locking ability, can prevent hernia of rail joint. 3, convenient installation, low operation strength. Because the bowl buckle joint has no bolt, pin, such as the characteristics of the spare parts installation, the operator can finish all the homework with a hammer. Installation and removal speed faster than the fastener type steel pipe scaffold about 5 times more. The new type of scaffolding parts weight is lighter, commonly used the longest stud in the bar is 3. 13 m, 17. 7 kg, a large number of rail for no more than 10 kg, operating personnel to the installation work is far lower than the fastener type steel tube scaffold. 4, easy processing, easy to mass production standardization. Bowl of the parts of the buckles type steel pipe scaffold fittings for unified form of welding rod, bar, the main parts such as diagonal and base for the unified series products, the main components USES 48 mmx3. 5 mm welded steel pipe. All parts and components manufacturing process is simple, do not need sophisticated processing equipment, easy to mass production by factory, guaranteeing the interchangeability and the reliability of its products. 5, complete and easy to use. Bowl buckles type steel pipe scaffold supporting design also have steel scaffolding, ramps board, ladder, cantilever rack and safety net support, and other functions of auxiliary components, can satisfy the various construction requirements, to create a favorable condition for the civilization construction. 6, construction site management and convenient. Bowl of fastener type steel pipe scaffold components lightweight, strong, especially scattered fittings, can be neatly stacked, not easily lost, facilitate site materials management, greatly reducing the material consumption. 7 randomness, frame structure size difference due to the main components of the basic parameters only several fixed specifications, such as pole bowl spacing is 0. In multiples of 6 m, the length of the rail is 0. In multiples of 3 m, etc. , therefore, on the frame structure design and build, not as casual as fastener type steel pipe scaffold. But by the appropriate adjustment and collocation, there are still enough flexibility, can satisfy the needs of most of the engineering construction. Bowl buckles type steel pipe scaffold adaptability of 1, the construction of all kinds of scaffolding, templates, and other supporting frame; 2, the assembly tic-tac-toe frame; 3, erection of the ramp, barrack, stands and other temporary structures; 4, tectonic powerful combination support column; 5, building under lateral force supporting frame; Beijing aluminum telescopic folding scaffold
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