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Bowl buckles type steel pipe scaffold one content is multi-purpose comparable to a 'seven artful and exquisite heart' mixer bowl pieces type steel pipe scaffold fastener type steel pipe scaffold - jiang

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Bowl buckles type steel pipe scaffold, also called type multifunctional bowl scaffold, is the reference of foreign same type joints and scaffold fittings structure developed and become a kind of multifunctional scaffold. Bowl buckles type steel pipe scaffold by steel pipe riser, horizontal pipe, bowl of joint. Its core component for the bowl buckle joint, is composed of upper and lower button bowl, rail joint and the upper bowl limit pin, etc. On the stud welding under the limit pin buckle bowl and the bowl, upper and lower bowl and limit pin spacing is 600 mm, the bowl set into the stud. In the bar and welded joint on the diagonal. When assembling, aim the bowl on the gap after the limit pin, can pull on the bowl ( Along the vertical bar to the sliding) , inserted the rail joints under the bowl round groove, then the bowl along the limit pin down, and clockwise rotation to fasten rail joint ( Use hammer knock a few times can meet the requirements of fastening) , using the limit pin is fixed on the bowl. Button bowl type steel pipe scaffold bowl joint can be connected at the same time four pillars and rail vertical each other or rotate Angle, can be composed of straight and curved shape, rectangular cross form and other forms, etc. Scaffolding a total of eight main parts, a total of 17 auxiliary parts, the other is matched by a variety of different functions of auxiliary components, such as adjustable base and support, scaffolding, ladder, pick beam, cantilever rack, lifting tackle, Ann support, etc. , the market has a complete set of product supply, can purchase self-assembly. Bowl buckle joint has good strength and stiffness, bowl buckle under the axial shear strength limit is 166. 7 kn bowl on the eccentric of the ultimate strength of 42 kn; Rail joint bending capacity, under the action of concentrated load in the cross is 6 ~ 9 kn & middot; m。 Bowl buckles type steel pipe scaffold has a simple structure, reasonable structure, bar all the axial connection, mechanical properties and the overall stability is good, safe and reliable work, light components, tear open outfit is convenient, easy operation, operation labor intensity is low and less components, low attrition rate, at the same time the general steel tube scaffold can be used for restructuring, etc. Suitable for all kinds of form scaffolding.
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