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by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
Bowl scaffold is a new kind of steel tube scaffold. Its application field widely, the application can be installed in the field of different construction construction, so as to ensure the safety of construction personnel. 。 Bowl scaffold can be different sizes according to the specific construction requirements, different shapes of assembling, suitable for arc scaffolding, overloading racks. 。 With high efficiency, a hammer can finish all the work. Bowl scaffold more general than the use of common steel, common to the connection. 。 After its bearing capacity is very big, has good shear, bending, mechanical properties such as resistance torque, relatively safe, reliable and joint emergence of the phenomenon will not occur. 。 Bowl scaffold as an important form of construction scaffolding, in today's has been widely used in the construction field, and has been praised by users. In providing construction personnel with convenient operation platform, and at the same time, can effectively guarantee the safety of construction personnel, its performance advantage is varied. 。 Versatile. According to the specific requirements of the construction, and can be assembled into different forms, different bearing capacity of single and double row of scaffolding, support, support, material lifting, climbing scaffolding, cantilever construction in the form of a variety of functions such as, at the same time can be used for building construction shed, shed, lighthouse and other buildings. 。 Easy to set up. 。 To carry on the whole assembly, whole assembly speed, construction personnel need to finish the work quickly with a hammer. 。 There is a strong diversity. Main components adopt steel pipe scaffolding steel, using common fasteners, can be connected with ordinary steel pipe. 。 Carrying capacity is strong. Axis vertical rod connected to the same socket, use bowl buckle joint connection between rail and poling, joint has reliable bending, shear and torsion ability, the center line of the bar to the intersection point, and the nodes in the frame body plane, so the structure is stable and reliable, of great capacity. 。 Safe and reliable. On the joint design, considering the screw friction on the bowl and the influence of gravity, joint have reliable self-locking ability, work load on the cross bar will be through the bowl is passed on to the vertical bar, the bowl has a strong shear capacity, no pressure, even on the bowl didn't make bar street, loosen the cause safety accidents. In addition, it also equipped with a safety stand, beams and planks, ladders, beams and wall bracket, and other accessories, to use more secure. Easy to maintain. Button scaffolding components to eliminate bowl bolt connection, artifacts are secure, have antirust processing, long service life and maintenance cycle is long, simple. 。
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