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Bowl scaffold, the net be buckled, fail - pressure Hunan - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus on the high

by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
Hunan aluminum alloy scaffolding contact telephone: 18420150310 bowls button scaffolding, fingers clasped and not pressure bowl scaffold was designed by professional design institute of the ministry of railways research a new type of socket type steel pipe scaffold. The scaffolding used the original toothed sulfur buckle joint, not only spell down quickly, and simple structure, stable and reliable mechanical, completely avoid the bolt work, not easy to loss of fragmented pieces, and is equipped with a complete series of components, function. The use of safe and convenient and economic. Bowl scaffold principle: bowl bowl connector is the core component of scaffold, it consists of joint on button bowl, the bowl, bar and the upper bowl limit pin, etc, it can connect the four bar at the same time. Steel pipe frame stud and plunger on every 600 mm buckle joint set a bowl. Under the bowl and limit pin directly welded at the top of the vertical rod or lever. When gap on the limit pin on the bowl, the bowl can be upward sliding along the vertical pole distance, rail joint immediately cingulate tooth the tooth can be inserted into the bowl bowl, bowl on the buckle buckle along the limit pin to slide down the rail joint, and clockwise rotation fastening. Hunan aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer
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