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by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
Bowl scaffold is in absorbing foreign progress predecessors joints and fittings of the same kind of scaffolding process on the basis of contact actual environment in our country and developed a new type of scaffolding. Bowl scaffold joint authority is reasonable, the construction technology briefly, homework easy, operation planning, can be fully satisfied with houses, Bridges, tunnels, towers and other construction requirements of the building. Compared with other types of scaffolding, bowls button scaffolding is a new type of scaffolding extensive growth prospects. Bowl scaffold made by steel tube pole, cross bar, bowl of first-class. Set-up requirements with its basic authority and fastener type steel pipe scaffold approximation, not place mainly lies in the bowl and joint. Bowl buckle joint by joint on button bowl, the bowl, bar and the upper bowl limit pin, etc. Bowl of scaffold frame body stress is given priority to with axial compression, and high bearing capacity, not easily attack the collapse of instability, AnDuan lai. Cross bar at poling cohesion, workers with a hammer percussion assisted, fast speed, high work efficiency. All bar series scale, convenient for storage, transport and other modern rbis, high efficiency, easy runs. Bowl bowl scaffold of the node structure is reasonable. Vertical shaft axial force, make the scaffolding in three-dimensional space, high strength, good all the invariance structure, to the satisfaction of the needs of the construction safety. Set way agile, but agile by adjusting the distance. Each component size uniform, the erection of scaffolding with standardization and scale of characteristics. Disassembling efficiency high, not easy to lost parts, transport convenience. Able to operate fastener steel pipe, dramatically reduced update cost. What is it you know bowl scaffold? With small make up to get to know the below 1, energy conservation, environmental protection, product can be repeated use, the construction cost is reduced greatly. 2, keel sensitive closely connection methods not only make the operation simple, and the structure of the solid. 4, can be at ease let you can be used freely scalable keel of any size. 5, tie rod, light not only save material, and is more sensitive to strong now, fastener sensitive is a special skill. 4, columns and keel wonderful self-locking connection not only simple and more strong. 6, make construction site pretty neat, greatly improve the enterprise image, enterprise strength. 7, province the labor, materials, time saving and more security. 8, compare wooden beam structure more accurate, more strong. Above introduction is characteristic of bowl button scaffolding, expect some help to you! ! !
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