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by:Shizhan     2020-08-24
Aluminum alloy scaffolding leasing company contact phone number: 18420150310 bowl type steel pipe scaffold fastener machine models: XJ8208C one, the main use: this machine is mainly used in steel tube fastener mechanics performance testing, including right-angle fastener and rotary buckle slip resistance, resistance to destruction test; The rotation of the right-angle fastener stiffness test; Docking fastener tensile test; The base of the compression test and button bowl type steel pipe scaffold fasteners on the bowl strength test, the bowl welding strength test, rail joint strength test, the rail joint welding strength test, adjustable bearing compressive strength test. The equipment is widely applied to the production of steel pipe fastener enterprises, quality inspection institutions, colleges and universities, research institutes, the arbitration unit, etc. Second, the structure is introduced. Arms structure is used to host part of the host, the shell is aluminum alloy material. Motor and servo system is located in the lower part of the host, can complete the tensile, compression, bending and other kinds of test. Motor driven by gear system through the pulley precision ball screw rotation, so as to drive the beam move up and down, to load the sample. The size of the test speed can be installed in the host control to complete the following motor servo system. 2. Electrical part of the electrical part is composed of servo system and display measurement system, the machine adopts servo motor and servo system, through the control of servo motor speed control system is, the accuracy of inversion and speed. Load measurement system consists of A high precision load sensor, measuring amplifier, A/D converter, regulated power supply, etc. Displacement measurement system by photoelectric encoder, pulse width, shaping circuit, frequency multiplication circuit, counting circuit. The controller directly inserted in a slot in the computer. All the control parameters and measurement results can be real-time display on the screen. 3. Positive, limit switch installed on the host as a security measure, can prevent the beam moves in the overload situation caused by the collision between the emergence of: sensor, even crashed into curved beams. 4. PC data processing system via the screen display controller to collect data on the one hand, on the other hand also real-time stored in computer memory in the background. After test is completed, the user data processing, the processing results can be printed out, also can Access files in the form of a real-time stored in hard disk, to facilitate the data analysis and network operation again. Three, product characteristics 1, automatic stop: sample after fracture, automatic stop moving beams or automatically return to the original position after the test, facilitating the clients to continue to do the experiment. ( Automatic return customers can set arbitrary) 2, automatic shift ( When choosing a step measurement) Size: according to the load automatically switch to the appropriate range, to ensure the accuracy of measurement data; 3, conditions, save: test control data and the conditions of sample can be made into module, convenient for batch test; 4, the automatic transmission: test in the process of moving beam of speed can be automatically change according to the preset program, can also be manually change; 5, automatic save: end of the test, the test data and curve automatically saved; 6, batch test: for the same parameter of the sample, it can be finished in due course after a set; 7, curve editor: after completion of test, and analysis was carried out on the curve, with the mouse can find curve corresponding test data will be in office a little; 8, curve options: stress - can choose according to need Strain, force - - the displacement and force Time, displacement - Time curve for display and printing; 9, test report, according to user requirements of format reports and print; 10, automatic and manual two kinds of model to calculate the test result, form report automatically, the data analysis process is simple. 11, protection function: this machine has overload and mechanical limit two protection modes, that is more than 3% of the maximum load, automatic stop; In the mechanical limit, automatic stop with rising or falling. 12, no pollution, low noise, high efficiency. Aluminum alloy scaffolding leasing company
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