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Bricklayer's safety operation procedures Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan security division

by:Shizhan     2020-08-26
1, bricklayer's response in front of the building construction process of the scaffold used for the transition between the check, that do not conform to safety standards can refuse acceptance, use, or post operation. 2, bricklayer's should be familiar with the relevant rules and regulations of the scaffold erection. Affect the construction of any part of the scaffold, must not ride demolition or mobile, and should report forman or the competent leadership, the professional scaffolder is responsible for the set-up or dismantled. 3, cutting blocks of hand saw should be safe and reliable. 4, should be paid attention to in the masonry of rubble, flaky regarding the handling, to prevent the parts damaged. Should pay attention to the stone masonry method, in strict accordance with the group and the construction of the technical disclosure, prevent landslides. On the stone cut surface processing should wear protective glasses, prevent stone slag splash damage eyes or skin. 5, scaffolding operation layer must be put with scaffolding plank, it is strictly prohibited to probe plate; Homework layer protective railings, baseboard, safety set net, horizontal network. 6, when the cart on the scaffolding, should be smooth and slow, just in case the car overturned floor cuts. 7, scaffolding on bearing capacity (stacking blocks shall not exceed the scaffold General store brick not more than three layers) 。 8, operating on the scaffold, may turn out to cut or chisel stone, cut brick should be geared to the needs of metope, finished work should be scaffold board and brick wall brick, mortar clean, prevent fall from. Within the same piece of scaffolding 1 meter length may not be two people at the same time. Use scaffolding in masonry, the scaffolding operation shall not exceed the height of masonry, the general should be less than 20 cm. The wall should stretch the width of the corresponding safety net. 9, cutting blocks of the chainsaw power, should by the related certificates of take out stitches, electrical wiring, electrical power, cable should comply with the regulations of the safety of electricity. Chainsaw itself safe and reliable, no damage, no leakage; Concentrate when operating, it is forbidden to play; Stop operations must dismantle the power supply. In 10, bricklayer's masonry work shall not be conducted on height more than chest wall, so as to avoid the wall collapse or instability of fall or collision block dropping down cause an accident. 11, the scaffold should go up and down ramps, can not stand on the wall for marking, rave, cleaning, or check the work such as the perpendicularity of the big Angle, must not walk on top of the wall. 12, transfer shall not be throwing bricks. Construction personnel stand by each layer scaffold board width should be not less than 50 ~ 60 cm, in more than 3 m single dangling transfer material should fasten your seat belt. Vertical direction is allowed to double crossover operation. Winter construction should be taken to prevent frostbite anti-sliding measures, timely cleaning the scaffolding on the frozen snow. 13, a type of tower crane, door crane various blocks, vertical transportation shall comply with the relevant safety rules, the use of tower crane, door crane lifting block fixture should be solid, put in place after stability, can loosen the clamp. Should have the measures to prevent falling bricks and blocks, lifting objects may not be collision scaffolding and masonry. Deal with all sorts of equipment used by 14, shift spreader, tools for inspection, confirmed rear can use. Hanging basket, hanging blue shall not be leakage, such as found that spallation, and possible leakage, not scrape the lifting. 15, banned store large quantities of materials on the floor. The ground using human cart transport block, materials, flat and distance should be more than 2 m, before and after the road slopes should be greater than 10 m. Take into the buttress material when loading should prevent crib it cuts. 16, automobile transportation should obey the traffic rules and relevant regulations. Special fixture should be used when handling, stacking should prevent crowded hand, stacking should be neat, crib pile height is generally not more than 1. 5 m, 1 m outside groove or foundation pit edge. 17, roofing tile should first check the herringbone roof, purlin, the size of the tile and roof wood base of all parts and the size of the tile of the material is strong enough, if there are any damage, shall be carried out by a professional carpenter trimmed rear can construction of next working procedure, and prevent the crack on purline or article, cause an accident. 18, the slope of 25 & ordm; Hang above the roof tile, must first be placed against the slide. Such as slope is too steep, fasten your seat belt, and belt take root should be set when the safety rope. 19, the roofing tile, two slope at the same time, distribution balance as far as possible. Hang tile should be performed in order to more than several hanging tiles at the same time, unable to concentrate on a bit. Under the broken tiles should focus next shipment, shall not be arbitrarily throw. 20, asbestos shingle roof is prohibited here, such as the need to overhaul must be to develop a practical and feasible measures. 21, when laying asbestos tile, glass fiber reinforced plastic tile, tile, should lay good scaffolding, walk board or hang up hanging ladder. It is forbidden to step on in all sorts of in the middle of the tile. Need to go step in roof and purlin and groove nail place, should be to lay good scaffolding. 22, if it comes to the level is above 6 winds, should stop roof. 23, in the new workshop and other structure roof, roof bottom chord place should hang up level safety nets, safety nets take root should be strong, to prevent mistakes in hang tile falling accident.
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