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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
One, building 1, view the scene all components; 2, make sure to establish and mobile scaffolding can provide meet the stable and consolidate the earth support; 3, each scaffold all the biggest bearing of 750 kg, a single channel board biggest bearing of 250 kg; 4, in the process of the establishment and use only from climbing scaffold inside; 5, and shall not use any materials on channel box increase height increased or other object. 2, 1, set up, scaffolding components increase should use strength of reliable data, such as a dedicated lifting bracket, rope, etc. , and use your seat belt; 2, in accordance with the specification, in take the non-standard or large scaffold with external support or weight; 3, using the weight at the bottom, in order to prevent large tilting scaffold; You may refer to 4, the use of outside support equipment table; 5, when working with external support conditions, please consult the supplier, or on the supplier under the guidance of homework, weight should use solid data, it can be placed in the overload support legs, the counterweight to safe place, to prevent accidental removal. 3, 1, mobile scaffolding can only rely on manpower to promote the whole level of the bottom shelf movement; 2, while moving, keep an eye on neighboring working appliances, especially air pipeline, etc. ; 3, mobile scaffolding don't allow someone or other items, in case you fall from; 4, in rugged land or be very careful when moving slopes, pay attention to the placement of caster wheel lock direction; 5, outside wall support, support can only leave the ground meet interval; To avoid obstacles, when the mobile scaffold height should not exceed the minimum 2 at the bottom of the scale. 5 times. Mobile scaffold should pay attention to what matters: 1, all necessary to leave the scaffold, and organize the shelves of all thing; 2, construction personnel should be at the bottom of the scaffold to promote the scaffold; 3, do not pull the scaffold support; 4, to suspend the mobile scaffolding, all casters necessary to lock, and all other accessories necessary parallel placed on the ground. Four, using 1, wary of outdoor wind, wind. Wind speed more than 7. 9 m/s ( Wind power is greater than 4) When suspending scaffold homework; Wind speed more than 13. 8 m/s ( Wind power is greater than 6) Rigid connection will scaffolds on other solid structure of objects; More than 18 m/s (if possible Wind power is greater than 8) , should be opened early scaffold. Keep an eye on buildings may cause a whirlwind. 2, at work, within the scope of the job may not have a high voltage cable and other obstacles affecting the safety of operation. 3, do not use components, especially the damaged components or standards; 4, using ropes to raise or lower the component, thing and information should be performed at the base inside scaffolding, admit channels and the whole frame of overload don't overspend. 5 channels, establishing good scaffolding is a homework, not as a channel to use. 6, horizontal forces instability can occur. 7, frequently carry things, or data stores should use oblique ladder. Above introduction is scaffolding installation process, expect some help to you! ! !
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