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Briefly introduce the characteristics of the folding

by:Shizhan     2020-05-25
?Nowadays, with the continuous upgrading of various technologies, a lot of stage truss has basically formed its own industrial chain, especially in the current era of continuous innovation and development, this folding stage truss has become this industry. The darling above, because it not only retains the advantages of the traditional truss, but also has better waterproof and anti-corrosion functions, especially in many open fields. The effect is more obvious. ?Aluminum alloy truss ??There are many types of truss now, so in the current market development, the development of stage truss products is relatively extensive. The advantages of our manufacturer's folding stage truss are also prominent. Products can guarantee the advantages among them to provide you with greater convenience. ??Folding stage trusses can not only cope with harsh environments, especially when used in a humid environment, they will not deform. The folding truss is also more convenient for disassembly and assembly. At the same time, it occupies less space, which not only ensures more convenient and faster transportation, but also does not require too much manpower and material resources when used, but also has more The high aluminum alloy material does not require you to worry about its firmness. Folding stage truss is mainly used in various celebrations.
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