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Buckle strength decided to construction scaffolding, construction scaffolding, scaffolding, construction steel pipe scaffold - Jiangsu Shizhan hand foot

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28
Usually we construction scaffolding of http://www. atjsj。 Com and construction scaffolding fasteners will require a certain strength, construction scaffolding and other construction equipment performance is determined by the strength of the scaffold fasteners. For scaffolding fasteners we also need to satisfy the fastener system parts less, easy to assemble and simple device requirements. Scaffolding fasteners in general by two points and 9 fasteners, fastener group consists of slipknot bolts and fasteners over the side. Now, with the improvement of technology, had the obvious enhancement to the substantive features of the scaffold fasteners, greatly reduce the system components, saving the cost of production. Scaffolding fasteners for own the thickness of the flange thickness is greater than the traditional blind rivet, so on the strength of the scaffold fastener has improved greatly. Make us in the use of scaffold fasteners more safe and reliable.
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