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by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
Button scaffold safety coefficient is high, the firm support, has now been building industry preferred. The entire button scaffolding installation process does not use a fastener, the connection between the rod and rod fixed connection, to eliminate the safety hidden danger of fastener slippage, safety coefficient of ascension. Button scaffolding accessories can be divided into: adjustable tap in accordance with the scaffold configuration figure size lofting, the adjustable base is arranged to the point. Button scaffolding steel support adjusting tap first is to use the handle transfer adjustable nut to a lower position. Then insert the pipe above the tube until near the height of the need, put the pin in the adjusting nut at the top of the adjustment holes inside. Place the adjustable steel support mobile to work position, use the handle to the adjusting nut, fixed to the support item can make adjustment support. Rail rail specifications: 48 x2 diameter. 5 x240 (long 540cm840cm1140cm1440cm1740cm1940) ; Diameter 42 x2. 5 x240 (long 540cm840cm1140cm1440cm1740cm1940) 。 Rail head into the disc holes position make rail front against poling circular tube, again with wedge pin through the small hole hammer on fixed. Poling poling specifications: diameter of 60 x3. 2 x500 long ( 1000 cm1500cm2000cm2500cm3000) ; Diameter of 48 x3. 2 x500 long ( 1000 cm1500cm2000cm2500cm3000) ; Not equipped with connecting rod stud are collectively referred to as starting poling] Long, will start stud end inserted into a socket in the standard base. Check the position of the hole to see off at the bottom of the rod is inserted into the sleeve. Starting poling use only in the first lap, the second use docking post up. Diagonal inclined rod: clockwise all or all in accordance with the group build counterclockwise. Diagonal set into the disc hole position, make the diagonal front against the main pipe, again with inclined wedge pin through the big hole hammer on fixed. Note: diagonal is directional, can not overlap in the opposite direction. U adjust the bridge will U adjust the wire tube inserted into the vertical rod tube, again with a wrench to adjust to the height you need. Note: a, the load bearing plate fastener scaffold can't more than 270 kg / ㎡, must carry on the acceptance and qualified get quotation later allowed to use, often in use in the process of inspection and maintenance. Second, button scaffolding accessories in the steel pipe column should set the base metal, should be on the basis of geological soft mat board or sweep lever is set. Three stud, button scaffolding accessories must be perpendicular to the vertical deflection Angle can not exceed 1/200 of the height, spacing between poling can't more than two meters. Four, for the plate buckles at both ends of the scaffold and the corner of each column should be set up to 6 to 7 root knife brace and the strut, if more than 7 meters high, and unable to set upright, to every 4 meters, vertical and horizontal every 7 meters have to must and building strong connections. Five, the outer edge of the button scaffolding accessories, ramps, platform to set up 1. 5 meters fence, at the time of laying bamboo and wood, for both ends must be binding and firm, not tied to be put into use is forbidden.
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