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by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Scaffolding as a construction line application tools, is indispensable, its use for construction workers, the construction scaffolding structures, use, and play a certain guarantee of their life, but in the building, must strict requirements, this is a very important thing. First of all, the longitudinal bar should be set in the inside of the stud, should not be less than 3 across its length, longitudinal rod can use docking fastener, lap may be adopted. Secondly, scaffolding main node, you need to set up another one with rectangular transverse level fastener hooking and it is forbidden to dismantle. Even the wall layout should be close to the master node set, deviating from the master node distance should not be greater than 300 mm, set the step from the bottom longitudinal bar is raised; After scaffolding need to set up longitudinal and transverse rod sweeps the floor. To sum up, the erection of scaffolding requirements need to be careful, described above have more detailed scaffold in the construction industry to build some of the requirements.
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