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【 Building dish buckle scaffold 】 Abide by the 'safe' before reaching engineering carefree! - The company dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus on flying for

by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
【 Building dish buckle scaffold 】 On the safety protection facilities should be able to provide safe protection effectively, tumbled to prevent the rack items, slide, prevent people falling objects, slip, strike, etc. ( 1) Job site should set safety containment and warning signs, irrelevant personnel shall be prohibited from entering the construction area; Or lost has not been formed on the stability of the structure of the scaffold areas provide temporary support or other reliable security measures; On the buckle to hang the no content, should set belts bus or hang Ann; Set the material on or condole facilities, forbid throwing. ( 2) Shenzhen tengda button scaffold surface of scaffold board need to be covered and binding and firm, shall not leave gaps and probe plate, scaffold board and the distance between metope is not more than 20 cm; Operation of the lateral facade protective facilities according to the specific circumstances to determine, can use set net, fence, springboard for protection. ( 3) The scaffold of the lateral airport ( Street) Surface according to the specific conditions using safety set net, bamboo springboard, tarpaulin etc. Completely closed, opening ( Street) Set up the secure channel, according to specific situation and build protective casing. ( 4) Close to or through the scaffolding of the pedestrian and transport channels need to set up protective shed; Up and down the scaffold has a height difference of inward and outward should step and barrier; The scaffold ladder step anti-skid measures when necessary, climb the ladder must set armrest. 1, efficient mobile scaffold bracing effect is mainly in order to prevent efficient mobile scaffolding longitudinal deformation, to enhance the overall stiffness of scaffold. 2, hand and unloading platform links? Good for unloading platform separate design, easy to manage. 3, steel pipe can be installed to the severe corrosion, flattening, bending ladder scaffold, pipe crack phenomenon, efficient mobile scaffold. 4, the efficient mobile scaffold, contraction cracks, deformation of places are not allowed to use fasteners are not allowed to make the slide wire. Signs of sunrise, the unloading platform mainly in prompt card limit gantry scaffolding load under the condition of 6, any efficient mobile scaffolding when building height should not exceed 45 meters. 7, steel, bamboo qualitative efficient mobile scaffolding are not allowed to mix, because efficient mobile scaffolding as a support object, the overall demand is overall strength, don't shake, deformation, stability, if mix is not shareable nodes, does not ensure the stability of 8, when you set up efficient mobile scaffold construction safety helmet, safety belt, non-slip shoes should be worn. 9, when you use efficient mobile scaffolding must not dismantle the following link, to ensure safety, are: the primary node longitudinal rod, vertical and horizontal sweep pole, wall fragments. 10, about the basic condition of efficient mobile scaffolding installation personnel, scaffolding installation personnel need professional after pass the exam by the national standard; Special operations personnel safety technical appraisal management rules. In this way can subjectively safeguard the life and property security domain our life! ! ! ! ! ! !
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