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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen aluminum frame contact phone number: 18420150310 cross fasteners is also a bimetallic clad steel plate products, cross fasteners is link between rail and the sleeper connection parts. Its role is to rail fixed orbit pillow, keep track and prevent rail lateral movement relative to the sleeper. In the concrete sleeper track. Due to the elasticity of the concrete sleeper is poorer, fasteners also need to provide enough flexibility. Therefore, fasteners must have sufficient strength, durability, and certain elasticity, and effective first keep reliable connection between rail and sleeper. In addition, it also requires less parts, fasteners system installation is simple, easy to remove the constructional fastener is in construction, building steel pipe scaffold and steel pipe structure of temporary sheds, derrick, template support for fastening connection, such as a small size, installation, transportation is convenient, save material, etc. Connection anti-sliding performance of fasteners. Steel fasteners of anti-sliding performance to ensure the steel pipe with fastener joint surface state, joint area is large, fasteners and overcome the cast iron pipe is point or line defect of joint, eliminates the hidden danger of steel pipe slip effect when using the steel tube of security. Anti-sliding performance of steel fasteners fasteners and better overcome the cast iron pipe is point or line defect of joint, connect the fasteners must have sufficient strength, is sex, and certain elasticity, and effectively the first link between rail and sleeper reliable unity. Else, also requires less parts, fasteners system briefly, to facilitate disassembly. Bowl connected light, and thus can adapt to a variety of plane, elevation high hardness, wear resistance of the steel structures and building with scaffolding. Economy than force. Processing a brief. Connection fastener is composed of two points fasteners, each points of the fastener fastener small end connected to the eyelet bolt, big end with gouges where whole pieces were missing and thrust the fastener connection, rivet connection that comes between the two points, fasteners, and arbitrary Angle to rotate. Depending on the right-angle fastener to design the corresponding drawings and processing technology. Ready to use in the process of casting mould, doing well the preparation work of the mold before use. Needed to control in the process of casting right-angle fastener metal materials. According to the need of the products available for heat treatment and cold working. After pouring is completed, remove shell, grind the redundant gate. Shenzhen aluminum frame
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