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Button scaffold - 184 2015 - The superiority of the - 0310 in the construction industry Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer focus

by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
Contact phone number - 184 2015 - 0310, scaffold with the continuous development of society, the construction in the new direction of development. New technology, new material, new technology of construction industry in the development and application, for the construction industry to provide more fresh blood. 。 Button scaffold because of its incomparable superiority, this series of products will replace the traditional scaffold. What dish buckle scaffold system has the advantage of? First, set a safer, more efficient, more cost savings, greater efficiency, while button scaffold system from the point of one-time procurement costs, higher than that of common steel fastener scaffold, but in the long run, the actual average annual costs are much lower. 。 Concrete from the following two aspects were analyzed. 。 1. Poling number because the stud using Q grade steel, high strength, component distance is larger, higher up to 2 m. 。 This reduces the number of, so as to achieve the purpose of cost reduction. 。 2. The use of our time. Because the bar surface using hot dip galvanized processing, it has a long durability, service life can reach more than 15 years, don't need regular maintenance, but every 3 - 5 years maintenance once a year. 。 And ordinary steel pipe scaffold use fixed number of year is only 5 - 8 years or so, need to 12 times a year maintenance. 。 It is obvious that the traditional scaffold maintenance cost is much higher than plate scaffold. Three, is advantageous to the construction unit to promote the overall image button scaffold all parts surface into the hot dip galvanized processing, color and specification is unified, can well promote the overall image of the scene of construction unit, to show the scene of the civilization construction, is advantageous to the construction unit propaganda enterprise image.
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