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by:Shizhan     2020-09-28
As everybody knows, button scaffold is one of relatively advanced scaffolding at this stage, is a kind of instead of common steel and fasteners and bowl of new type of scaffolding. This dish buckle frame structure stability, function, can be positioned and scaffolding, scaffold for single and double row scaffolding, Bridges, underground scaffolding. We Shizhan manufacturer produces button scaffold, on lap and disassemble, its speed is quite fast, and abandoned the traditional bolt fasteners and button need to cover the bowl of frame, make the dish rack of lap speed reached eight times of steel pipe fastener type, bowl rack of more than 3 times. As a result of the vertical and horizontal rod connected by horizontal pole plug gravity plus workers hammer fastening, so button scaffold with safety and reliability. Second, functional button scaffold, can according to the different construction requirements and the project of regional types, the vertical and horizontal rod connected into different shapes, different structure, different height of internal and external scaffold, single and double row scaffolding and Bridges, the subway tunnel. Because of poling splice connection in the same axis, horizontal pole nodes in the same plane, this ensures the stability and bearing capacity of the button frame. Proved by institutions, Shizhan company button scaffold made of bearing capacity in more than 13 tons, safety performance is high, the use of time, the product is stable, a more reliable security tools.
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