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Button scaffold and doors scaffold distinction - Common problems - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizh

by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
Button scaffold 48 mm steel pipe diameter is 3 mm, corrosion resistance, not easy to deformation, surface with electrophoresis coating. Electrophoretic coating is the automotive primer can improve the service life of the construction scaffolding and corrosion resistance. When set in room without beam vertical pole, greater the distance between the vertical rod is usually small, therefore, for the needle plate bracket horizontal tie, there are two common specifications, to adapt to the different requirements of buildings. When there is no beam space, the distance between the vertical rod is usually small, therefore the level of the needle plate bracket rod with two common specifications so as to adapt to the structure of the different requirements. A hammer can install button scaffolding. Without beam in the room, when the column spacing is small, the weight of the framework itself is lighter, but carrying capacity is larger, the only connection point because the framework is designed by the researchers, the framework of the pressure, the greater the insert pin between the plate holes and lock the greater the pressure, through the scattered points to each you less stress on the horizontal bar, so when the concrete pouring, frame the subject the higher the pressure, the safety performance of the frame body is, the better. Lock pin between pin and disk hole, through the connection point spread stress on the horizontal bar, so as to improve the safety performance of the framework. Most users also praised this fastener scaffold, it is mainly used to improve steel pipe scaffold fasteners, can replace the fastener steel pipe scaffold series products such as the scaffold. This product design is very large. Button scaffold has the characteristics of card buckle, easy to operate. Easier to manage, easy to install, disassembly is simple, efficient, economical and practical and beautiful, and so on. ( Button scaffold] In the construction industry plays a key role. Disc type scaffold is widely application in the modern life. The development of modern society with many high-rise building construction, and implement various development projects in a broad range of industries. Disc type scaffold in construction of development plays a very important role. In the future, button scaffold in construction of development plays a very important role. First of all, scaffolding can bear the limit load of 20 tons, design load can reach more than 8 tons, using the button scaffold can make the long-term use of scaffold greatly improve the performance of scaffolding load. Gantry scaffolding supported by frame, cross, connecting rod, hanging scaffold or horizontal framework, arm lock and so on, then, scissors, support, and horizontal reinforcing steel bar rod, the basic structure, such as sealing bar such as door frames, cross bracket, connecting rod, fasteners, or level framework, arm lock, etc. Standard steel tube scaffold with connecting wall connected to the main structure of building, both can be used as external scaffold, also can be used as a scaffold in or outside the scaffold. It can be used as a single, double, portable, simple, fast, large carrying capacity, good stability, high efficiency, flexible door scaffold, no screw quickly remove the assembly has twice the result with half the effort. Doors scaffold surface treatment: electric galvanized, plastic spraying, paint. Door frame scaffold: door scaffolding is mainly used for building support, high-rise building exterior wall construction, Bridges, tunnels, subways and so on engineering construction formwork supporting frame, indoor and outdoor decoration, shop signs can also be used for mechanical and electrical installation, decoration, equipment maintenance, advertising activities of the working platform. Scaffold is one of the most widely used in construction scaffolding scaffolding, because the Lord framework is & quot; Door & quot; Type. It is also known as frame or frame scaffolding or portal framework. The scaffold mainly includes the main frame, horizontal framework, cross arm, scaffolding, scaffolding door, such as adjustable base is the United States in the late 20th after 50 s development of a construction tools. This invention is easy to tear open outfit, easy movement, carrying capacity good advantage. The use of safe and reliable, better economy benefit, developing speed. JGJ 128-2010 the specification of housing and urban-rural development of the People's Republic of China promulgated on May 18, 2010, on December 1, 2010. About publishing industry standard 'construction door type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications' notice of 1) Door scaffolding set order: basic ready to place the shim plate, base on the base installation, two single-door frame rail installation, scaffolding installed on the frame, on the basis of repeated installation, pillars and scaffolding. 2) Foundation must be solid, is suitable for the laying of 100 mm thick of the channel, the first layer of the slag drainage slope should prevent water 3) The door at the end of the steel pipe scaffold installation from one end to the other end. 4) Door scaffolding installation direction shall be installed with the next step in the opposite direction. 5) Door scaffolding installation shall, first of all, on the base of insert two doors, and install lever, fixed lock fastener immediately. And installed on the frame of each lever and lock piece of 6) The door steel pipe scaffold lateral bracing should be vertical and longitudinal setting ( When scaffold height less than 20 m) , the scaffold must have a horizontal distance is less than 3 step ( The height of the scaffold when less than 20 m) , the distance between the scaffolding and building reliable connection part shall not be greater than 3 step ( The height of the scaffold when less than 20 m) , scaffolding and building reliable connection parts shall not be greater than the vertical distance between three steps, scaffold height & gt; 20m)
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