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Button scaffold and what is the difference between the wheel button scaffolding? - Shanxi aluminum prices - aerial work platform Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy scaffold

by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
Shanxi aluminum price of aerial work platform contact phone number: 18420150310 button scaffold with inclined pull rod, mainly used for outside the frame and high modulus or heavy support, general with disc for the connection plate, so also called disc scaffolding. While round buckle scaffold for housing, it can simply meet the docking of low altitude, and disassembling quickly, but involves the docking general local regulators don't let the contractor to use. Wheel clasp scaffold with button scaffold is the same, purpose, function and performance are similar. Button wheel scaffold is by disc scaffold grew out of a new type of building support systems. But they also have a one of the most important distinction, that is round button scaffolding generally cheaper than button scaffold. Round buckle scaffold was called into the scaffold, the main structure is vertical rod and bar, reasonable structure, good stability and meets the requirements of construction site safety performance. Button wheel scaffold is according to the plate scaffold derived, all has the self-locking function. Actually the biggest difference is that the wheel button scaffold not inclined pull rod, and button scaffold is standard with diagonal bars. Shanxi aluminum price of aerial work platform
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