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Button scaffold bear wood low button scaffold low jiangsu scaffolding 'jiangsu construction scaffolding

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28

What circumstance footwall buckle scaffold support under the weight of the wood, below is our details, hope you like them. More than 50 meters long and collapse of a row of scaffolding six or seven metres high. Set up scaffolding steel pipe is installed on a lot of wooden frame. This sculpture group is used for the fixed mould with wooden frame, unexpectedly collapsed workers, 'says the chef, the incident is around 10 o 'clock in the morning, there were three workers and a young sculptor, standing on the scaffold, and the other workers standing by. Only after a sound heard someone shout at that time, button scaffold is poured down toward the road side. When the workers ran over to find two workers trapped under the scaffolding, the other two people one person suffered minor injuries, one suffered a head injury. Some people carry shelf, a hold up. Some people pull the man outside & hellip; Fortunately, the plate button scaffolding steel pipe is not much, fallen wood is very light, not too much damage to the men. After a few minutes, the injury the heavier three people were taken to the hospital. Pan button scaffolding bear, you must pay attention to safety, protect everyone's life and health.                                

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