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by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
Guangdong single tube plate buckles type aluminum frame wholesale and contact phone number: 18420150310 takeaway: due to the usual work practice, have friends often ask questions about the button scaffold construction specifications, there is a lot of problems representative, today to arrange, for people need to study and reference. Welcome to correct thenceforth. About dish buckle scaffold specifications module q: dish buckle scaffold node spacing module like bowl scaffolding? A: no. Button scaffold poling disk spacing is 500 mm, so the node module is 500 mm, button bowl scaffolding poling bowl spacing is 600 mm. Button scaffolding rail length is 300 mm, the modulus with bowl scaffold. So the button scaffolding stud type is between 0. 5 m a model, 0. 5米、1米1。 5米,2米,2。 Level 5 m, 3 m pole model is between 0. 3 m a model, 0. 3 m, 0。 6米,0。 9米,1。 2 m, 1。 5 m, 1。 8米,2。 4 m, 3 m in stage lighting field, horizontal bar in the majority with 2 m. Whether stud, horizontal or diagonal, detailed specifications, can according to the engineering characteristics and bearing, in the case of security, as far as possible choose general models. About button scaffold, structure design and calculation content q: button scaffold for formwork support system, the content should be calculated, there is what? Answer: the button scaffold used in templates support engineering, should calculate content is as follows: 1. 2 templates support the stability of the calculation. Independent templates support within the prescribed ratio when the rigidity calculation of 3. Longitudinal and horizontal bar and the vertical bearing capacity calculation of diagonal 4. Through the button scaffold poling connection plate force connection plate shear bearing capacity calculation of 5. Poling foundation bearing capacity calculation q: scaffold need what is the content of the design and calculation in engineering? Answer: the button scaffold used in double bent or operating frame scaffold engineering, such as should calculate content is as follows: 1. The stability of the vertical rod 2. Longitudinal and lateral horizontal bar bearing capacity calculation of 3. Even the wall is a strength, stability, and the connection strength calculation of 4. Poling foundation bearing capacity calculation of guangdong single tube plate buckles type aluminum frame wholesale
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