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【 Button scaffold 】 Economical and practical, work not tired! Pieces pieces button scaffolding steel pipe scaffold scaffold pole - Jiangsu Shiz

by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
【 Button scaffold at http://www. atjsj。 com/products- 细节。 asp吗? cpid = 19】 Using the national standard steel pipe, 48 mm diameter, thickness is 3 mm, high strength, corrosion resistance, strong out of shape not easily. And a layer of surface of electrophoretic paint, electrophoretic paint for car a primer, has a high strength adhesive ability, has become a new fast dismantle scaffold protective layer, improve the service life of the construction construction scaffolding and anticorrosion ability. Button scaffold frame body bearing capacity big, stud spacing between general is 1. 22 m, when the room without beam erection, stud spacing between will become smaller, 0. 87 m, therefore his bolt scaffolding tie rod is 1. 22 m and 0. 87 MB of two kinds of commonly used specifications, building construction to adapt to different requirements. Body weight is lighter, but bearing capacity is very big, this is because the design of the frame body unique connection point, tie rod bolt is through unique design of wedge structure of scientific research personnel, and makes the stress in concrete frame body, the greater the bolt and faceplate hole between the traveler will lock, and pressure through the scattered points to the tie rod, makes the body safety performance improvement, which has been praised by the masses of users. Button scaffold is mainly to improve the steel pipe scaffold fasteners, integrating with other products advantages, alternative fastener type steel pipe scaffold, gantry frame and so on the many kinds of scaffolding products. This product design and easy, with a buckle into the characteristics of, it is easy to handle, easy to manage, easy to use, simple installation, remove the fast of the advantage of efficient and practical, economic, beautiful.
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