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by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
Linjiang hot galvanizing plate buckles scaffold contact phone number: 18420150310 plate button scaffolding market temperature perception began in 2017, pan button scaffolding market continues to heat up, as a manufacturer and professional scaffolding subcontractor, many construction units, and even the construction unit are calling, or come to visit, consultation related issues. Want to purchase, want to lease, looking for professional subcontractor. Is also the scaffold company, I think, the traditional scaffold enterprises, if there is no relationship, now want to have some difficult door into the site, not to mention party a reached out and looked around. And at present, due to the button frame of stock market is not high, and are generally large projects with more, so, once the market recognition, when it is needs the gap is very big, it has been revealed. Button button scaffold scaffold node why popular? Button scaffold is more and more attention, many construction companies in promoting, the core reasons about two things: 1. Products high quality, high safety coefficient, most is qualified products. ( Other traditional scaffolding, leasing market qualified products) 2. To save time, work efficiency is higher, beautiful and clean. Now construction project, the construction demand is higher and higher, especially in the construction market, the construction unit of competition, to improve the competitiveness, the active adoption of new products, new technology. Button scaffold button scaffold pure good rental, or professional subcontracting? At the early stage of the button scaffold promotion, market application, so the domestic several big dish buckle manufacturer mainly engineering contracting mode, as more and more applications, most of construction company still can choose pure lease button scaffolding, used by the site service company model. Pure leasing mode advantages and disadvantages: advantages: 1. General is construction project common services company, trust, tacit understanding degree is high. 2. Feelings will save money, Actually not) Disadvantages: 1. Total rental, labor services. Material waste, damage, cost is not controlled. 2. Technical force is weak, less experience. 3. The total package, labor services, leasing company tripartite communication and coordination, management cost is high, the problem is much, the buck. Professional subcontracting mode advantages and disadvantages: advantages: 1. Scaffolding special turnkey project, the contractor save worry, die price package, cost control. 2. Professional experience in the subcontract strong technical force, more. 3. Professional subcontracting, special engineering contracting, management communication cost is low. Disadvantages: 1. Cooperation supplier is less, lack. 2. Feel spend more money, Actually not) Button scaffold leasing, and professional subcontracting model the impact on the industry is now in the market most of scaffolding for the unqualified products, in the end is caused by leasing mode. Pure leasing mode scaffold enterprises, innovation awareness is poor, less technology, pure pursuit of rental income, serious product homogeneity. Cause as market competition intensifies, only on how to reduce costs, improve profitability problems, as a result, the quality worse and worse. Because only leased to the construction site, leasing companies often want to send more materials, delay time and so on, caused a certain amount of manpower, material resources waste, service means poor. Specialized contracting mode, will pay attention to safety first, secondly will increase investment in technology, and make an issue of innovation. On the basis of ensure safety and improve work efficiency, reduce waste, shorten the construction period, improve product flow efficiency and so on. Scaffold material, due to is rotation as a tool, rather than the construction of permanent sexual material, so has been valued enough. Although the scaffolding frequent accidents, but most people will only focus on the scaffold quality problems, rather than focus on the whole scaffold project from the design, transportation, erection, dismantling, turnover etc. Link the impact on the cost. Division of the more advanced the society, the more clear, the scaffolding industry is also validate the idea. From scattered, multiple management for the development of the industry specialization company management industry. Thus, scaffolding professional subcontracting mode, for the whole industry, is an active, positive, able to maintain a healthy industry sustainable development mode, is worth promoting. Button scaffold market prospect infinite reason: manual, will have to the world. Any new products to replace the old product, all have the influence of objective laws. At present China into an aging society, the population structure of the national economy will gradually appear. Population decline in the near future, China's labor force, is the inevitable trend, at the same time in all walks of life, who can save manpower, and improve the efficiency of the new product will have great opportunities. Scaffold for construction projects shall be turnover materials, belongs to the labor-intensive industries, the adoption of Q345B plate buckles scaffold low carbon alloy material, large bearing capacity, at least can save a third of the material, at the same time a large number of savings artificial, unique socket type structure, simple installation fast. Regardless of other advantages, pure it is enough to prove, button scaffold prospects. 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