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by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
❤ button scaffold is the steel pipe fastener scaffold, gantry scaffolding, bowls button scaffolding and round button scaffolding after new products, so in construction industry, its safety performance is very high, also is a kind of popular scaffolding. First of all, our company produces the coil scaffold on the technical support of national standard. The specification specified by production requirements, design requirements and construction requirements. For the lease, therefore, there is a reference to buy the specifications of the standard, at least he can know what is its specification and material. Second, safety performance is no doubt about it. Unlike traditional the scaffold, the connected nodes have horizontal and vertical brace connection point. Each step is a complete lattice shapes, match with the hook of form a complete set of galvanized steel springboard and secure the ladder. The whole system is a safe and reliable system. Also called disc scaffolding scaffolding dish, it is different from round buckle scaffold. It is mainly used in the construction industry, is the patron saint of construction workers. So when it was built, which should pay attention to details. Coiling of the scaffold, in the construction of the first erected perpendicular to the ground stud, horizontal and perpendicular to the vertical stem rod moved to disk, so the disc will be placed in the joint of horizontal pole, and disc, holes, and erect and bolt under pressure. Insert the bolt hole and rail junction between disc and then use hammer bolt, to form a perfect connection. It can be installed the coiled steel pipe scaffold system. Compared with the bowl scaffold, this button scaffold has quick disassembling, energy saving, the advantages of simple structure, stable and reliable. Self-locking function can effectively improve the overall stability of the scaffold strength and security, can better meet the needs of the construction safety. Installation in construction projects, therefore, the construction tools is reassuring.
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