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Button scaffold is in your heart that he, button scaffold, decorate with construction scaffolding, socket type button scaffold - jiang

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28
Button scaffold should satisfy the following basic requirements: width, step height, the interval from the wall and so on can meet the needs of the workers to manipulate, material storage and transportation; Have enough strength, stiffness and stability; Simple structure, convenient installation and handling to many times of use; Appropriate random strain, based on the spot, economy, etc. Progress later button scaffold industry development in our country, since the founding of the people to the front of the reform and opening up, our country the scaffold is the main industry and national defense cutting-edge use on demand. After the reform and opening up, the rapid development of national economy, people's living standards improve, pull the disk button scaffolding requirements. Along with the rapid development of button scaffold market, our country dish buckle scaffold production was hovering over the long-term situation, realized the high speed growth. Product recommendation: button scaffold
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