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by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
Shantou hot galvanizing plate buckles sales calls contact phone number: 18420150310 socket type plate fastener type steel tube scaffold plate buckles scaffold on the market at present there are a lot of call, such as button scaffolding, scaffolding, disk plate buckles, socket scaffold, according to a 2010 of housing and urban-rural development of the People's Republic of China industry standard JGJ231 - release 2010, whose official name is: socket plate buckles type steel pipe scaffold. Is likely to be the official of the name is too long, not convenient, also too academic, and people generally like to its real scaffolding attribute, so button scaffold or disc scaffolding is the most common way. Button scaffolding related nouns explain socket type plate fastener type steel tube scaffold: casing worksite socket connection, horizontal and diagonal rod end joint card buckle into the connection plate, using wedge bolt connection, form the steel pipe support structure geometric invariant system. Socket type plate fastener type steel tube scaffold button scaffold, namely by poling, level pole, diagonal, adjustable base and adjustable jacking components, according to the purpose can be divided into two categories, formwork and scaffolding. Button scaffold poling disc nodes: horizontal bar hole, big hole diagonal pans button scaffolding poling: stem welding connection plate and the vertical support horizontal bar rod casing connections node map button scaffold horizontal bar: both ends buckle joint welding, and horizontal bar with a stud buckle. Bolt: fixed horizontal bar and the vertical rod ( Bolt on the horizontal bar, small buckle joint bolt hole above, below, due to the limitation rivet, only down, not up out of the joint, not easily lost) 。 Bolt outside surface shall be deducted and horizontal and diagonal rod end joint inner surface, bolt should guarantee the hammer josephalbert after self-locking, pull-out force shall not be less than 3 kn. Button scaffold diagonal: connection with vertical pole plate hooking oblique rods, divided into two categories, the vertical diagonal and horizontal diagonal. Hang buckle type steel scaffolding: hang buckle on steel scaffolding interval: within the same vertical pole span, adjacent horizontal bar vertical distance. As shown in figure: two layers of horizontal pole distance is the distance between two disc, which is 500 mm, step distance is 500 mm. Shantou __________________________________________________________________________________________________ hot galvanizing plate buckles sales calls
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