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by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
In many large construction projects at present, are useful to tengda security (shenzhen) co. , LTD. Button scaffold, and button scaffold is one of the main products of the modern construction industry. Then it mainly play the value of is what? On the construction of the city is to use scaffolding, button on the use of scaffold is the needs in engineering construction, application and promotion, constantly as construction personnel in high altitude work security. Button scaffold mainly solve the construction personnel in a horizontal standing vertical transportation process and materials, and in the construction projects for the erection and removal is very convenient, its setting up JiaPeng, thus ensuring the security and tightness. Button scaffold is a kind of good self-locking function of upright type steel pipe scaffold, the major parts of the structure is both vertical rod and bar. Its adopted disk button node structure, performance is very reasonable, the structure of the scaffold poling through the axial force, endowed with good stability and security of the whole structure of scaffold, at the same time it also has excellent self-locking function, further improve the structure of the structure performance and security. And the operation is simple, in the business get the favour of a lot of construction personnel. In addition to market favor this important reason, and the most favorable support, the scaffold specifications, large area clear stipulation can only use the button scaffolding. Is now one of scaffolding, is a kind of instead of common steel and fasteners and bowl of new type of scaffolding. This dish buckle frame structure stability, function, can be positioned and scaffolding, single row scaffolding, scaffold, scaffold for subway bridge. Therefore, the development space of the scaffold is quite big, for example, in some Bridges support construction is inseparable from this type of stent. First of all, our company offer button quickly the lap and dismantling of scaffolding, abandoned the traditional bolt fasteners and button need to cover the bowl of frame, make the dish rack of lap speed reached eight times of steel pipe fastener type, scaffolding supply, bowl rack of more than 3 times. Because of the vertical and horizontal rod connected to pass level pole plug gravity plus workers hammer fastening, so button scaffolding with safety and reliability. Second, our button scaffold functional, can according to the different construction requirements and the project of regional types, heyuan scaffold price, the vertical and horizontal rod connected into different shapes, different structure, different height of internal and external scaffold, single and double row scaffolding and bridge, the subway tunnel. Because of poling splice connection in the same axis, horizontal stem nodes in the same plane, this ensures that dish buckle safe sex, and bearing force. Removed when the wheel button scaffolding should be divided out certain work area, set up fences around or sets up the model identification mark symbol, on the ground must have the professional personnel command, strictly prohibited workers entered the work area.
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