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Button scaffold must pay attention to the nine aspects of lease - Suzhou within paddle - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer

by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
Suzhou paddle in aluminum alloy scaffolding contact telephone: 18420150310 because with convenient installation, neat appearance and the characteristics of the comprehensive cost-effective, has new button scaffold used more and more widely, many owners and construction units to try this new type of tray button scaffolding, and traditional fastener type, bowls button scaffolding, based on cost factor and don't have to bear the procurement, transportation, storage, erection, site management and a series of non-professional management object, leasing is a good choice, scaffold for the current industry especially the recent hot plate scaffolding, leasing is the mainstream choice, when we choose the scaffold leasing what problem should note again? One, must want to find a qualified ability of enterprise cooperation scaffolding engineering is a matter of safety, quality, progress, demand time is shorter, usually for safety and rationality of the erection scheme, the speed of erection, scaffolding used convenient and quick, etc. The demand is higher, if find a not qualified ability not enough small workshops, although at first glance cost is relatively low, but this kind of small workshops in cost considerations, the scaffold materials can save a province, cut corners phenomenon common, product quality is not assured, followed by the cottage industry technical team, button scaffold scheme or 'si', taking east, west change, it is difficult to ensure to comply with relevant industry norms and standards; Moreover most of this kind of small workshops without professional installation team, rely on temporary migrant workers of quantity and quality of scaffolder is uneven, on-site management in a great mess, it is difficult to guarantee the speed and installation quality, once encounter engineering time and heavy task, in order to catch the construction period, more prone to set-up, not according to stipulations appear safe hidden trouble, safety, quality, progress of the project used to talk about any guarantee? So scaffolding especially new button scaffold, still give preference to a qualified professional manufacturers, which can ensure a full range of professional services, to meet the demand. Second, ask the lessor to provide business license, lease qualifications, such as safety permits before scaffolding leasing contract, shall be provided to partner requirements related to the business license, lease qualifications, for all related personnel operation qualification certificate copy. Three, according to the characteristics of the project, understand their needs, in order to determine the characteristics of different engineering specific scaffold is different, the corresponding scaffold scheme is also different, so the first thing to the engineering features and use requirement is clear, in this way can more targeted to determine the scaffolding, provides the basis for scaffolding quantity calculation, price negotiation. Four different cooperation way, understand the scaffolding leasing scaffold lease with pure lease and rental with labor service cooperation a variety of ways, lease contracts include freight and excluding freight costs, etc. , in advance, the specific ways of cooperation talks, to save cost and save time. Five, scaffold materials and maintenance costs to clear during the lease scaffold erection and use of material loss and maintenance to agree beforehand and clear in the contract, to avoid unnecessary disputes. Six, clear scaffolding, the specific time of nodes and the time delay caused by the owner side if the disposal methods during the scaffolding leasing by the lessor of the scene of the scaffold project delays caused by the shutdown of the treatment method and corresponding indemnity clause, prior to the appointment. Seven, specific delivery time and place of the contract shall specify the scaffolding scaffolding delivery time and place, especially the scaffolding for transitions, more in need of the two sides agreed in advance. Scaffold project delivery, both parties shall send representatives to count materials and accessory parts, and prepare the handover list, on behalf of the signature by both parties. Eight, clearing and settlement way in scaffolding leasing period, the material is by the day or on a monthly or yearly, how the lease commencement date of the agreement, use the amount of settlement and payment cycle cycle and other issues need to be clear in the contract. Suzhou within paddle aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer
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