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by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
1, scaffold quality testing. Before entering the construction site of scaffolding must pass a quality inspection, and testing battalions, with quality inspection report. 2, selecting a location, and carries on field geological quality inspection, to ensure that the ground is flat and level, bearing capacity, not form a collapse. Such as geology, ground leveling problem can put adjustable base. With the help of adjustable base adjustment. 3, construction personnel, pan button scaffolding set-up and dismantling of must be held by a trained professional scaffolder, hold relevant certificates; The special operations personnel shall not be engaged in the erection operations. Scaffolder into the construction site must wear safety helmet and fasten your seat belt, right on each shelf homework personnel should equipped with anti-skid gloves, non-slip shoes and tool safety hook or bag, homework to hang on the safety hook or fit into a bag. 4, the erection of frame body positioned as required when the first layer of poling, level pole, vertical diagonal, laid platform steel springboard, interval set reasonable, according to the requirements in advance through the construction set-up. By using high demand pick up, the safety acceptance specification after use. Button scaffold as a support system, is an important part of the project work, once out of the security problem here, consequence is unimaginable. So, we must pay attention to standardized operation, to protect personal safety.
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