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【 Button scaffold 】 Scaffolding, also known as disk system is also a kind of new type construction scaffolding Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer

by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
【 Button scaffold 】 Scaffolding, also known as disk system is also a kind of new type construction scaffolding, can be widely used in building, elevated Bridges, tunnels, the workshop, stage, indoor and outdoor decoration, large span construction, all kinds of water conservancy projects, such as hull in the work of construction fields. Everyone know, button scaffold is one of the most the scaffold before more progress at present stage, is a kind of can instead of common steel and new scaffolding fasteners and bowl frame. This kind of dish buckle frame layout is solid, wide influence, can build and scaffolding, scaffold for single and double row scaffolding, Bridges, underground scaffolding. Let's tengda factory produced by the button scaffold, on lap and assembly, the speed is very fast, and discard the traditional bolt fastener button cover the bowl and demand, make the dish with an overlap rate reached eight times of steel pipe fastener type, bowl rack of more than 3 times. Because the stud and the degree of coherence can through the process of horizontal pole plug gravity plus workers hammer fastening, so button scaffold with safety and reliability. Second, functional button scaffold, can according to the different construction requirements and the project of regional types, the vertical and horizontal rod connected into different shapes, different structure, different height of internal and external scaffold, single and double row scaffolding and Bridges, the subway tunnel. Due to the vertical rod connected on the same axis, horizontal bar connection on the same plane, to ensure the stability and bearing capacity of the plate buckles framework. Proved by institutions, tengda security company button scaffold poling in 13 tons bearing capacity, safety performance is high, the use of time, the product is stable, a more reliable security tools. Button scaffold series product for its beyond comparison superiority will inevitably some original traditional scaffold for use. Then button scaffold system exactly what are the advantages? A, set-up more secure, efficient unique dish button, can make the complete direction more stable connection between the bar and satisfy the requirement of the scaffolding, all kinds of connections. Button scaffold ride demolition work efficiency than the traditional steel pipe fastener scaffold, can greatly cut labor in the capital, speed up the construction schedule. 2, can better save cost, efficiency higher three, the third, is conducive to the construction unit of the overall image promotion. Button scaffold every parts appearance in the galvanizing disposal, color and specification, a good promotion of the construction unit field group abstract, to show the scene of the civilization construction, is advantageous to the construction unit propaganda enterprise image. The width of the plate fastener scaffold shall be satiety construction workers control, data storage and transport of requests; Shape strong stability, simple and convenient installation, and repeated cycle. In general different scaffolding series, has its own architecture function, performance and restrict the use of the application. Different construction projects on the installation of scaffolding, different requirements. Therefore, in order to solve the construction & quot; Scaffolding & quot; Problem, must meet the needs of the construction, to ensure safety, comprehensive consideration of various conditions and factors, to solve practical problems. And let's button scaffold because distance model, the joint venture dexterity, and adjustable hollow jacking base which can be used as different span bridge support and a variety of cross-section situation. In construction engineering industry, set button scaffolding are always used in such aspects as building build-up, house decoration security tool, has played a very big use. For the lease of choose and buy of this need, you can feel free to contact tengda security technology company.
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