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by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
Button scaffold is a kind of to buckle plate, joint and bolt for fitting, by the high quality steel tube as the main component of the scaffolding. It maintenance convenience, because a scaffold of packaging standardization, easy disassembling design, simple structure, high product material strength and the stability safety, transportation is convenient, easy to save, so greatly saves manpower and material resources, financial resources, really more economic and environmental protection. Button scaffold is simple and convenient combination design, stable performance, easy disassembly, so such a design portfolio to product service life is longer. Second, compared with the fastener scaffold, its service life have greatly improved, thus the disc fastener scaffold wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high strength properties relative to the increase of its service life is much higher than other products. The erection of scaffolding in construction fastener is to use two screw to tighten the nut, the quantitative structure because of the pre-tightening force, under mechanical shock and natural loose, easy to fall, and meticulous threaded bolt and nut, mortar deposition and corrosion, will make them unable to put down, only the destructive to remove it, scrap, before each repeated use kerosene baptism, and need to change to silk, silk preparation of scrapped or lost bolt and nut, increase the cost a lot of repeated use. Therefore, construction fasteners must have sufficient strength, durability, and a degree of elasticity that and effective first stay reliable connection between rail and sleeper. Now button scaffold fastener system less parts, simple installation, convenient disassembly. Retaining ring connection simple, therefore can be used in the structure of the scaffolding and has all kinds of plane and elevation of the structure. Constructional fastener is composed of two points fasteners, each points of the fastener fastener small end connected to the eyelet bolt, big end with gouges where whole pieces were missing and thrust the fastener connection, rivet connection that comes between the two points, fasteners, and rotate in any Angle. Constructional fastener resistance to deformation ability. Button scaffold fasteners production methods including the hot-pressing process of plate and middle production methods. Cover plate manufacturing method is as follows: after the steel plate billet with punching machine, heating billet, use the shape of the punching machine stamping plate. After the workpiece cooling, rushed out of the bolt hole punching punching machine, then put the workpiece on the drilling machine. The hole on the nozzle in the bump is formed on each of the lateral to form. Described in the middle of the manufacturing method is: after the steel plate through the punch blank, on the horizontal vertical installation position of bolt out of the long hole, the workpiece is heated, the shape of the middle section is stamping out the AC. According to the mold, after cooling, the workpiece on the tilt of the worktable, fine blanking forming each hole. Plate button scaffolding fasteners production methods for hot stamping process, this process increases the scaffolding fasteners toughness, not easy deformation, fastener after hot stamping, increase the R curve radian, the bayonet junction surface area increases, which makes contact area increase, increase the friction, make the scaffold fasteners more safe and reliable. Button scaffold according to certain standards and ways of production and production, in the actual work can produce good performance advantages, play a important role in change and, in the actual production and time according to the normal way to tear open outfit, guarantee in the actual use of the convenience and value, will not produce quality problem, can fully show certain performance advantages.
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