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【 Button scaffold 】 Tools - is a kind of multifunctional buildings Jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding engineering co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28
In order to satisfy more requirements of modern construction industry, we Shizhan manufacturer produces various types of scaffolding products, button scaffold is one of the popular tools, then its application in such aspects as building build-up, home decoration, have what kind of product characteristics? Let below small make up take you to understand. Button scaffold is a self-locking function into the new steel pipe scaffold, reference to release JGJ231 - housing and urban-rural development Produce 2010 specification, can very good satisfied the demand of the construction safety. 1, has the multiple functional: according to the specific construction to constitute a different set of specifications, shape, and bearing talents of single and double row scaffolding, support frame, support column is equipped with a variety of functions such as construction. 2, deploy productively: construct a brief, tear open outfit, succinct, swiftness, completely avoid the bolt work and scattered fastener damage, joint speed of assembling and five times more than conventional block spell hurtling down the save Labour, workers with a hammer can be finished all the work. 3, has a large bearing capacity, vertical rod is connected with the axis of socket, node within the construction plane, joint with bending, shear and torsion resistance performance, stable structure, bearing capacity is big. 4, with a secure: connector design considering the gravity, make joint has strong bidirectional self-locking talent, the load acting on the bar through the button to stud, button has a strong shear talent. 5, button scaffold using life spans than fastener scaffold high many, generally can be used more than 10 years, because of lost the bolt connection. Even if rust does not affect the spell to use. Anyway, button scaffold is a kind of multifunctional scaffold, application field widely, safety performance is high; This product requires consulting friends, can contact small make up well. Our company perennial foreign wholesale, lease scaffolding products.
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