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Button scaffold which went to want to go to pieces pieces which button scaffold socket type button scaffold - Jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28
Along with our country speed up the pace of urban construction, building height, tend to be tall, quite a period of time in the future, will be more and more high-rise buildings and this will bring many changes to the construction technology of the corresponding. Scaffolding as the traditional construction of auxiliary equipment in the engineering cost, labor, and occupy a big proportion of the time limit, we should pay attention to and pay attention to the USES of the scaffold. Composite scaffold ( Including button scaffolding, etc. ) Is one of the traditional construction tools, over the years are widely used. Attached type lifting scaffold is a new kind of scaffolding, developed in recent years and has evolved into a specialized construction equipment. Among them, the guide attached scaffold is used for vertical elevation or small inclination of arbitrary structure and the main body of high-rise building engineering and exterior wall decoration engineering construction scaffolding, hereinafter referred to as & other Climbing frame & throughout; 。 Technology according to its principle of operation, scaffolding as the main body construction progress step by step a rise, until the buildings caps, then can undertake decorate down step by step a homework, after back to the original installation location. With double row scaffolding than on floor, button scaffold has the following advantages: (1) one-time input materials greatly reduced, can improve the utilization rate of turnover materials; (2) the operation is simple and quick, less labor input, low labor intensity; (3) do not take up the tower crane, use process to speed up the construction progress; (4) to reduce the engineering cost. Specific contrast is as follows. Material: button scaffold use build-up material such as steel tube, card buckle and consumption is big; And climb the consumption of only 10% of the composite frame. Artificial aspects: set the button scaffolding, dismantled dangerous operating environment, not only the intensity of labor is big, and human consumption; Up and down and operating environment is good, when climbing scaffold workers labor intensity is small, artificial consumption about 50% lower than the integrated frame. Safety: disk button scaffolding, dismantle process is prone to accidents, poor safety; And climb with fall prevention, prevent tilting device, such as synchronous fault monitoring multiple protection, safe and reliable. Civilization construction: button scaffold the whole construction process, constantly brought out a lot of material, carry on delivery, the debris to clean up, take up the construction site, Ann maintenance quantity is relatively large; While climbing frame do not take up construction site, the building facade relaxed and clean. Progress: button scaffold is only in the case of build-up material supply on time, to meet the construction requirements; While climbing frame lifting speed, about two days can rise or fall, and does not take up the tower crane, the overall progress of helps speed up the time limit for a project. Inspection and maintenance: button scaffold inspection, maintenance quantity is big, a comprehensive review work and cycle is long; And climb check and maintenance quantity is small, one to two hours to conduct a comprehensive inspection. Cooperate with external wall template usage: button scaffold can only be used to support the template; Climb through the special design, increase the configuration, ascension can carry template, exterior wall template can not fall to the ground. Material platform build status: disk button scaffolding, number, higher cost; Climbing scaffold erection of fewer, but along with the lifting frame, the cost is low. Other aspects: button scaffold generally available for more than 10 years, but the fasteners, bolts in once every three years; Climbing frame can also be used for more than 10 years, only need electric equipment maintenance. In addition, all can meet the glass curtain wall and outdoor pipeline construction.
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