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Button scaffold will impact the traditional steel pipe scaffold market, attached to the button scaffold - price Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer focus

by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
A paper text, make a lot of people can't sleep in the evening, issued by the Shanghai municipal housing and urban and rural construction management committee 'standard of civilization construction of housing construction project' notice: in order to meet the 'protection facilities of construction tools, standard and standardization' requirements, since October 1, 2019, on the outer ring of less than 10000 square meters and above of housing construction project, fully USES the socket type plate buckles type steel pipe scaffold. Immediately do engineering, scaffolding are busy up, after all, now a lot of projects, businesses are still using traditional fastener type steel tube scaffold. In fact, my wife the consensus of the construction industry, the traditional steel pipe scaffold is to be eliminated sooner or later, frequent accidents, isn't very convenient for maintenance, installation, maintenance, transformation of early last year when I was a lot of people use button scaffolding. Compared with traditional steel pipe scaffold, button type steel pipe scaffold 'service life is longer, remove more convenient installation, bearing capacity, stability, higher, stronger structures, safe and convenient, and don't need too much maintenance etc, and therefore more and more get the procurement of construction unit. According to reliable sources, Shanghai is expected in 2021 the city within the scope of using the button scaffold. The latest news of chongqing also forbids the use of the fastener scaffold, this means that in the future large-scale construction projects, & quot; The traditional steel pipe scaffold & quot; Basic withdrew from the historical stage, these two places is the test point, later will be more and more cities to restrict use scaffolding. From the point of government documents, it is recommended to use button scaffolding to give priority to. Button scaffolding is divided into two kinds of material, one is aluminum alloy material, another is steel tube material. Button scaffolding adopts modular design, it can be combined to build, build all kinds of special-shaped construction, extensive area, small scope to use, to large buildings outside the frame, interior, interior, fall to the ground and cantilever. Aluminum alloy button scaffolding, which USES a 6061 aluminum alloy material, wall thickness of 2. 00 - 3. 5 mm, weight is lighter, longer life. Steel pipe button scaffolding, USES is Q235 or Q345B, Q195. The wall thickness of 2. 0mm- 3. 5mm。 According to different material conditions to select button scaffolding, socket plate buckles type steel pipe scaffold check assessment to ensure projects include: construction plan, the foundation of the frame body, the frame body stability, bar set, scaffolding, disclosure and acceptance. Aluminium alloy material than button scaffolding steel pipe material on your many, but in the long run, choose aluminum alloy material button scaffolding higher performance-price ratio. At present, the button type steel pipe scaffold market in 5000 - probably About 6000 yuan a ton. If and comparison of traditional fastener steel pipe scaffold, greatly save labor costs, material and time limit for a project. The longer the cycle, the bigger the project, the more money. There have been a lot of people are beginning to purchase tens of thousands of tons of plate buckles type steel pipe scaffold to rent the fastener type will be a thing of the past type. We should follow the government's policy to keep pace with The Times, becoming the first to eat crab.
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