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Button scaffolding aerial work personnel need to pay attention to safety 'button scaffolding * scaffolding * scaffolding steel pipe - jiangsu Jiangsu Shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Button scaffolding aerial work has certain risk, you need to pay attention to safety all the more, the following is we need for the button scaffolding aerial work brief explanation of matters needing attention. Pull down button scaffolding should be abidioy his from top to bottom, the country first, after take first the principle of split. The railing, scaffolding, shears first brace, brace, large and small bar, bar, bar, etc. , and follow the step, in turn, held a clear principle, you are strictly prohibited from top to bottom at the same time hold down a thing. Open button scaffolding aerial work staff should wear safety helmet, fasten your seat belt, wear soft bottom shoes on homework, at the same time, the sides of the open button scaffolding fence or erect pport of enlightenment logo and instructions, to avoid losses caused by injury and death. That is about the attention button scaffolding aerial work instructions, hope I can help to you.
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