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by:Shizhan     2020-09-28
Button scaffolding is a kind of to buckle plate, joint and bolt for fitting, by the high quality steel tube as the main component of the scaffolding. In the use of the advanced countries and regions such as Europe and the United States has decades of history, is an effective and safe construction technology of the product. Button scaffolding features: 1. Safe and reliable: rail plug and set close to combine, contact area is large, more secure construction. And USES the independent wedge bolt with self-locking mechanism, because of interlock and the effect of gravity, even if the bolt is not coming out, rail plug cannot fall off. 2. Adaptable: button scaffolding due to the structure and characteristics of the buckle plates, cooperate with the cross bar can be assembled out of a variety of different angles, is suitable for the use of different shapes of buildings. 3. Large loading: button scaffolding have reliable axial shear resistance, axial and all kinds of bar to point, edge bar more than twice as many as bowl buckle joint, the overall stability is good. 4. Fast installation: button scaffolding installation process is very simple, only the hammer head can quickly install and remove. 5. Good comprehensive performance: button scaffolding series of standardized components, accessories and general, easy to transport and management, no loose parts, low dissipation, less later.
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