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【 Button scaffolding 】 Genetically determined structure, structure decision characteristics & button scaffolding & disc type button scaffolding & socket plate buckles scaffold -

by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
This article from: jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding engineering co. , LTD. ; Website: http://www. atjsj。 com/products- 细节。 asp吗? Cpid = 18, reproduced please include this site keywords: button scaffolding, button scaffold, socket type button scaffold. Jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding engineering co. , LTD. Product effect is good, can and large steel mould, without secondary plaster, forming at a time. Main material is cold rolled steel scaffolding button, so it can guarantee the bearing capacity. Main features are: keel flexible tight connection not only make the operation simple, and the structure of the firm; Can freely adjustable keel make you can adapt to any size at random; Compared with woodiness beam structure more and more strong; To improve construction efficiency, shorten construction period, using the traditional structure must artificial cost 15 yuan per square meter or so, and only 2 yuan labor can be completed. Button scaffolding safety degree is high, the product completely steel structure, standard parts tightening, structure tightly, high utilization rate of connection is compact, safe and more reliable: products are adjustable, not limited by room size, can be used in multiple projects to save time: quick disassembling, 30 square meters model combination structure as an example of site operation in 3 - 5 minutes to complete.
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