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by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
Shenzhen tengda button type aluminum alloy tower is a combination of mobile new aluminum scaffolding, widely used in various construction projects in foreign advanced countries in the indoor and outdoor construction, decoration and various aerial work; Its structure features are: various flexible combination, convenient installation, product mobile and convenient, safe and reliable performance. Aluminum alloy plate of button is a new type of scaffold in the field of construction and decoration system, its diverse and flexible combination mode, can more easily satisfy the requirement of the engineering construction work, has a broad market prospect. Technical performance and technical parameters of 1) The top working platform of the biggest load of 200 kg/m2, the biggest capacity (tower Including its weight) Is 1000 kg. 2) Different combination forms: the height of the highest working mesa height of 12 meters, the height can be adjusted according to the 500 mm per level, with a variety of height adjustment function. 3) Structure combination forms: currently, the company developed with hang on aluminum ladder tower series and so on the many kinds of combined system; Tower in addition to the single set of independent use, also can connect into large scaffolding structure for building construction use. 4) Safe and reliable structure: the main structure adopt aluminum alloy 6082 - Material selection, T6 pillar node USES no welding technology, rail, diagonal using aluminum steel form of riveting, firm structure and reliable; Tower safety components complete, stable structure, durable. 5) Bar, diagonal USES the cast steel joint, through inclined wedge and pillar node disc, structure compact, solid tower more efficiently. 6) Each combination has a smaller, takes up less space, convenient transportation and storage. Plate type aluminum alloy scaffolding tower form and use purposes: (1) template bracket - Used to support the template, using the set-up of the scaffold material (2) single scaffold - shelf Referred to as 'single frame, or only a row of vertical rod, one end of the transverse horizontal bar on a scaffold on the wall (3) double row scaffolding - Referred to as 'double bent, by inside and outside two vertical rod and horizontal rod is composed of the scaffold (4) scaffold - decorate Used for decoration engineering construction scaffolding - 5) structure Used for building and structure engineering construction work 6 cantilever scaffold - Applied to equipment installation or maintenance set-up instructions: 1, the build-up of high-level scaffolding, adopted by the various materials must meet the quality requirements. 2, high-level scaffolding foundation must be strong, before the erection of the computation, meet the requirement of load, and set-up, and according to the construction of drainage measures. 3, offer button scaffolding, technical requirements should comply with the regulations of relevant specification. 4, button type aluminum alloy scaffolding must attach great importance to all kinds of structural measures: bridging, node, etc. Shall be set up according to the requirement.
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