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by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
Button type aluminum alloy disc scaffolding introduction: aluminum alloy plate buckles scaffold technology originated in Germany, for the European and Australian mainstream products, support frame is divided into vertical rod and bar, diagonal, disc have eight holes, four holes for special bar; Four big hole for diagonal is special. Rail, the diagonal connections are bolt type, can ensure that bar and poling strong links. Rail, diagonal joints according to the arc, and show the whole surface contact poling aluminum tube, hammer on bolt, stress can increase the structural strength and firmly fixed in three horizontal force, aluminum pipe shaft adopts full weld fixed rail head, power transmission and correct. Shenzhen tengda security technology development co. , LTD. , button type aluminum alloy scaffolding performance: a, functional: button type aluminum alloy scaffolding is adopting the 500 mm plate distance, match the stud rail and diagonal and tripod can build into the bridge with different span and different section is supported, stage, lighting tower, bridge pier safety ladder, traditional bridge shuttering system bulky and applies only to specific specifications, limitations, button scaffolding set-up into different shapes can be different function template support, meet the demand of various types of building. Security: button scaffold using self-locking type connection plate and pin, pin plug on weight after can lock, and the horizontal and vertical diagonal to make each unit are fixed triangular lattice structure, the frame body by horizontal and vertical force after will not happen deformation, and button scaffolding is a complete system, scaffolding and step ladder can have the effect of safety guarantee the stability of the frame body and workers, so compared to other laid the scaffolding, button scaffolding pedal link rack promoted a highly security. Button scaffolding each unit is a lattice. Three, the service life: button scaffold using adopts aviation aluminum, has high strength, toughness, and all kinds of processing performance. Surface rust so as to reduce the high maintenance cost per capita, and consistent appearance, the atmosphere and beautiful silver also for engineering to promote the image. Four, the application space: during the construction of traditional bridge support, most of the bowl the spacing in 1 of the scaffold. 2 meters, even to zero. 6 meters and 0. 9 meters, which appeared in the construction site is the defects of insufficient space sex, workers in the erection supervision can't into the frame after the completion of acceptance among body, or even a bad things out, and the aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold poling 6061 adopts aviation aluminum material, greatly improve the bearing capacity, enlarge a scaffold interval and spacing, thus expand the construction space and the supervision of the acceptance of the workers.
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