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by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
Multi-function plate type aluminum alloy scaffolding belong to our new development and design of single pipe type fast loading disk type aluminum alloy scaffolding, by a single lever of aluminum tube, there is no limit to the height, more flexible than portal scaffolding, applicable to any height, any site, any complicated engineering environment. Unique design, devoid of welding; Quality assured: safe and more reliable: aluminum alloy 6082 - of body structure Material selection, T6 pillar node USES no welding technology, rail, diagonal using aluminum steel form of riveting, firm structure and reliable; Tower safety components complete, stable structure, durable. Our team with many years of construction experience, to provide you a free custom construction scheme, product quality assurance for 30 years. Scaffolding parts connected with high intensity, stable, button type aluminum alloy scaffolding unique patented connector design, change the traditional fixed by the welding method, but also change the way that the previous traditional metal frame mechanical transmission, let the tower more stable. At the same time, the design of the single pole type, working to build more flexible, more relaxed, more safe! Light weight: aluminum alloy scaffolding using lightweight solid aluminum alloy material, light weight, easy installation, handling and storage. Scaffolding weight only about 1/3 of the traditional steel scaffolding, do not need to worry about a crush on the ground. Easy installation and removal, aluminum alloy scaffolding 'building block' for its overall structure combination design, standardization of components, no parts. Without any installation tools, two people can quickly to do simple work platform. Each combination has a smaller, takes up less space, transportation, storage and convenient. Bar, diagonal USES the cast steel joint, through inclined wedge and pillar node disc, structure compact, solid tower more efficiently. Mobile and convenient: the button type aluminum alloy scaffold with high strength belt brake casters, mobile and locking can be arbitrary, facilitate continuous use in different work place, suitable for different environments. Build highly free: column using phi 50. 8 xδ2。 5 aluminum alloy pipe and cast iron disc, a total of 0. 5 m pillar, 1. 0 m pillar, 1. 5 m pillar, 2. 0 m pillar, 2. 5 m pillar, 3. 0 m columns, six kinds of specifications, the column 0 each. 5 m a node, the node can disc with rail, diagonal collocation, using inclined wedge connection mode, structure, stable and reliable. Structure combination forms: currently, the company developed with hang on aluminum ladder tower series and so on the many kinds of combined system; Tower in addition to the single set of independent use, also can connect into large scaffolding structure for the use of building construction, any height, can guarantee the safety of operators. Shenzhen Dr Tengda ladder dish buckle scaffold, serving the domestic and foreign each big building construction units, the company used to design the door type, bridge type, round type, suspension type, suspension type and more complicated synthetic scaffold system, case, welcome to buy.
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