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Can Shizhan Group provide cheap dj truss installation video?
According to customer needs, Jiangsu Shizhan Group Co.,Ltd is able to provide cheap dj truss installation video. We understand that sometimes an instruction manual or documentation could be lengthy and boring. So we are always ready to create a video series for our main product line. Watching these videos can both visually show a process and let our customers walk through the steps, which is much easier. Some of the Videos are already made and are placed on our website, given to our sales reps, and distributed to the support team. Check our website or contact a support person if you need an installation video.

Shizhan Group Guangzhou Branch constantly innovates and takes a leading position in the international concert stage truss market. The truss display series is one of the main products of Shizhan Group. The safety of Shizhan Group front of stage barrier is guaranteed by the standards it passed. This product is fabricated complying with EMC standards, electric compatibility standards, and overload protection. 3D technology is used in its design to ensure its viability. It brings the best sleep experience on the market. It’s naturally breathable and wicks away moisture well for a less-sweaty experience. All its welds are consistent and clean.

We have gained a great deal of awareness towards the maintenance of natural ecological balance. During our production, we will oblige social responsibility. For example, we will be very careful about effluent disposal.
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