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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Safe hidden trouble existing in the steel pipe scaffold construction is not worthy? In fact, in the early 90 s has been a steel pipe fastener scaffold can replace completely a new type of scaffolding, bowls button scaffolding - - Button scaffold, the socket type scaffold categories, from bowl scaffold largely improved new product innovation. Button scaffold both as an outer layer and used as a support frame, its building efficiency, construction safety. Stability and saving money on materials are better than steel pipe fastener scaffold and bowl scaffold is much better. It can even serve as shipbuilding, stage aircraft maintenance, lighting, decoration, model planes, greenhouses use shelves, storage shelves, wide use. Even covers the petroleum chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, transportation and construction, civil construction, Marine engineering and other fields. In the scaffold, button scaffold can be said to be the existence of a 'stunning'. Steel pipe scaffold quality is bad? Scaffolding that look the same, with material could not be more different, the work is also can be thousands of miles, the price will naturally have differences. You have your truth, material and production costs are high, since can't do very cheap price. On the contrary, there are cheap cheap reason, raw materials, production worker moisture content is too much, much lower cost will naturally, can be sold by the selling price of course is very low. , other cheap products or products will only reflect a person's taste and class, are not life-threatening. But different scaffolding, once appear quality problem, can at any time may cause a construction safety accident, light economic losses caused by the construction unit of the project, or to construction personnel life casualties. Disc scaffolding steel special hook springboard is to work for the convenience of the scaffold platform building and innovative products, is a kind of springboard with self-lock safety hook. Its innovation is on the basis of the original steel springboard, install self-locking safety hook in the springboard four angles, composed of peg and self-locking blocks, by rivet connection link and self-locking blocks, on the end plate of steel board fixed self-lock safety hook or about the safety of the self-locking hook is fixed on both ends of steel springboard.
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