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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Foot hand pipe lease contact phone number: 18420150310 pairs of poling scaffold poling docking fastener is to be used for connection, connected between two stud connectors should be staggered at least 50 cm, and not in the same interval, the extent of the longitudinal rod if extension is needed to use docking fastener connection. All must use rigid connection between the main structure and scaffolding, at one end of the pipe and the main body structure to embed fixed connection, you can choose - 40 * 4 flat iron then use diameter is 14 screw fixed safety, such as fixed to ensure settlement allowance will also be able to ensure that each link rod Rachel strength of the links between the highest and link rod should link must be vertical and metope, connected to the wall a rod and frame beam and then embed good institutions, the strength absolute can't in less than 15 n/was under the environment of use, otherwise it will cause dangerous confound. Stud outside the closed to set up the fence and foot pole, the cover 18 centimeters below the foot lever to prevent the foot, then use 18 wire will be tied up two level of steel tube, in the construction of the outer and inner area set up tight safety net. Double stud scaffold every four paces apart between stud should be set between stud and metope inside four rows of isolation, under the bottom basketry with a grille and pick out the rail, fastened up grille and bottom has to be bound tightly between safe, tightly bound with wire and steel tube robust. In upper and lower the degree of the adjacent two longitudinal tapping to stagger distance of at least 50 centimeters, and are not within the same interval. Double stud the scaffold, the two ends of the longitudinal and the corner from the scaffolding dispute briefly 9 meters apart, the degree of lateral distance with diagonal be completed shears then top-down cycle Settings. Putlog extended distance to 15 cm, lateral wall distance stud is the joint of the length of the 15 to 20 cm. Foot hand tube leasing
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