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Cangzhou Ren Qiu technology the most advanced bowl scaffold - manufacturer price Weihui municipal hot galvanizing plate buckles scaffold - Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy foot

by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Weihui municipal hot galvanizing plate buckles scaffold contact phone number: 18420150310 bowls clasp prohibit disorderly pull wires on the scaffold. Bowl when acceptance of scaffold, appearance inspection should be made for all parts and operation practice the acceptance and rail system. Repair work should check the daily operation of the bowl, head of the scaffold and the status of the scaffold board, such as the defects, should be promptly repaired. Bowl scaffold is now widely used in the construction site, so, how to avoid the next construction safety, construction business from the resource, bowl scaffold structures, security considerations should not be ignored, don't let the tragedy again, the choice of safety, quality safety is the absolute principle. Bowl before button scaffolding, it is necessary to check shelf tubes, fasteners, etc, the shelf tube bending seriously, fastener severe corrosion, crack must be scrapped, may not be operating. If you have the power cord or electrical equipment, necessary appropriate safe distance, to the erection and dismantling of either way. 。 Bowl scaffold shall not use wood or bamboo mixing steel. After completing bowl scaffold, set bowl work related personnel to deal with test button scaffolding and issue a written proof behind the operation. Follow up house prices increase since 2008, more and more builders building investment, followed by the construction of bowl type scaffold construction safety issues. Bowl scaffold structures is related to the whole construction process of safety, is an important link in construction process, therefore, are not allowed to present any problems, otherwise the consequence is be envisaged. Weihui municipal hot galvanizing plate buckles scaffold
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