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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Tianjin galvanized plate fastener scaffold contact phone number: 18420150310 correct operating bowl scaffold regulation: every time call it a day, finish the rack material application, should be neat stack that not use up at one time. Work material should be clear in time, on the surface of the connecting face neat, do not put the tool material, lest affect work safety and fall occurs cuts. In work face long pry, pull, push, and dial the operation, to adopt the correct posture, or walking in secure message content, in order to avoid too hard with every body smooth or take the tools. Without permission shall not be in the bowl on the scaffold to pull a wire, cable, may use the open button in the bowl of scaffold. Should not be allowed to have long button scaffolding the bowl vibration ( Steel processing, wood sawing, shelved vibrator, casting weight, etc. ) 。 When work surface height is not enough and need higher, should adopt reliable pad high way, padding shall not cross zero. 5米; Cross zero. 5 m, should according to the erection of delimit the elevated rack plating layer. ( Specific view: bowl scaffold fire protection requirements and figure out a way) On homework after rain, snow, the snow on the surface of the work, increased the water drop, to prevent slip. Long for welding work on surface of the work, should be adopted by fire way. Tianjin galvanized plate buckles scaffold
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