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by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
Construction unit name long yuan construction group co. , LTD. Engineering unit name construction site 35 # content (international square, central, Isolation) Cantilever construction scaffolding clarificaiton signatures, head of the signature to accept disclosure disclosure date of March 6, 14 years to accept clarificaiton team personnel signature scaffold ( Isolation) Demolition engineering safety disclosure content demolition of disclosure content, homework before: 1, high homework personnel must go through security technology training and assessment, related certificates. High homework personnel, may not have high blood pressure, heart disease, anemia, epilepsy, acrophobia contraindicated, dizziness, etc. No practice shall be for a scaffolder. 2, in the strict construction scheme and technical clarificaiton, a clear division of responsibilities, listen to instructions, coordination. It is forbidden to hard ground barefoot, wear slippers, shoes. It is forbidden to play on the shelf, rest, no drunken homework. 3, the proper use of protective equipment, must wear a seat belt, hard hats, dress to trot, wearing non-slip shoes. Concentrate when working, solidarity and cooperation, mutual echo, unified command, consciously abide by the site safety system; Before construction, should be step by step completes the safety technical disclosure, check the safety protective measures, and the scaffold materials used on site, mechanical equipment and electrical facilities, careful inspection, confirmed that it can be used meet safety requirements. Demolition of homework: 1, the wind more than 6 ( Including 6) , high temperature, heavy rain and heavy fog weather, should stop the outdoor high homework. 2, dismantling should be defined areas, fencing and warning signs, and supervision by designated personnel. 3, put down the steel bar, must be coordinated by 2 ~ 3 operation. Lever split level should be made by the man standing in the middle of stem, get below staff notice before letting go, it is forbidden to throw down. 4, to do with with the crane and steel fasteners must be completely removed. 5, even the wall rod should with shelves removed one by one. Excessive deformation during the construction or even the wall shelf rod lack, uneven, should be removed before making the necessary reinforcement or a temporary node, ensure the stability of dismantled the shelf. 6, the operator should wear seat belts, wearing a helmet. Dismantle process, must command by designated personnel, homework personnel must obey the command. 7, should be paid attention to during the process of demolition gap shelf, fasteners do not conform to the requirements of parts, it is forbidden to step on the loose on the bar. 8, shall be with the pickup scaffold materials in time, and classification piled up. Delivery must be demolished and personnel coordination. 9, pause to dismantle, must check the homework is not within the scope of demolition of part of the shelves, and confirm the stable rear can leave the site. 10, when the demolition of i-steel according to scaffolding demolition plan strictly, when hot must deal with hot work permit. Note 1, can't advance the time 2, dismantle scaffold, when the demolition of the wall must be demolished with scaffolding step by step, even the wall is strictly forbidden to connect a whole wall layer or layers removed before dismantling scaffolding. 3, when the scaffolding to staging, discrete surface removal, technical solution should be determined in advance, for not dismantle scaffold at both ends, the necessary reinforcement measures must be taken in advance. 4, the frame body to dismantle elevation drop no more than two steps. Need reinforcement area of 5, demolition work, should be reinforced to dismantle, prevent rack body collapsed. 6, in the process of demolition, not to change horses in the middle of the stream, such as must be substitution should be disabled when clear rear can leave, single person on is prohibited. 7, lift the safety net, it must be segmented. Content: (clarificaiton complements The main safety measures) 1 isolation layer removed personnel must hold relevant certificates, demolition workers must wear safety helmet, fasten your seat belt, belt hang method is: on the wall cross arm hole inside steel pipe, steel pipe to Manila ( Hard) , seat belts and coir rope connected by hard binding method. Before 2 dismantling should be put on the isolation layer of concrete, stones and other sundry clean, steel pipes, fasteners and so on in the process of demolition should be passed to the floor, it is forbidden to high altitude falling objects. 3 during the demolition, dismantling content below are strictly prohibited personnel, construction site set full-time security officer for supervision. 4 demolition order: from inside extroversion, to frame board removed, then the removal of steel pipe, steel pipe in the process of demolition, construction personnel should be foreshadowing 5 cm board as a channel, it is strictly prohibited to climb on the steel pipe. If stretch into the wall can't dismantle steel pipe during crane ship used on again. This form in duplicate, team since the save a copy of a file.
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